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self-care products - hand dipped incense

Greetings Family! 


We Smell Amazing is concerned about our health during this time of health challenge.  Consequently, we have created some products to protect ourselves from, not only the virus that is taking so many lives, but from bacteria and fungi, too. 

Share our antiviral products and let us know how it makes you feel.  Our Hand Sanitizer and Cleaner and Health Salve contain ingredients combined especially to keep us protected from viruses, bacteria, fungi and inflammation.

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Let's BE Anti-viral

Antiviral Hand Sanitizer


Hand Sanitizer

Our Hand Sanitizer and Cleaner is designed to protect us from bacteria, fungi and viruses.  And right now, antiviral sanitizer is what we need!  Our regular hand sanitizer contains no alcohol, which dries out our skin. 

Body Oil

Body Oil

Our natural body oils are made with a base of jojoba oil and the best essential oils.

Face Mask by Funky Mask Junkee

Face Masks

Our face masks are the Olson Model by Gypsy Gaeda, well constructed and beautiful!

Dr. J's Salve

Dr. J's

Antiviral Salve

Our Dr. J's Antiviral Salve is designed to protect us from bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Grandma Mary put a small amount of her salve on her temples, behind her ears, at her nostrils and in her navel.

Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Our bath salts are made with Dead Sea Salts (for less sodium absorption) and essentials oils.



We make the best incense in the world! We'll make your environment

smell amazing!



Cirtrus Leaves

We invite you to order more antiviral Hand Sanitizer and Health Salve to help keep your friends, family and colleagues healthy. 

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