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Whether you’re looking to be more balanced or to improve your overall sense of peace, book one of the services offered by Efficientime today and experience immediate results.

Due to COVID 19, our coaching, lectures and workshops are being held online until further notice.  Our one-on-one healing classes, lectures and workshops are being held less frequently than usual and according to the CDC guidelines. 

Our Work with People Who are Healing

Maximizing the Time of Your Life

There are many reasons we have to heal in our lifetimes.

We face situations in our lives, which cause us to have to regroup.  We call them life-changing events.

When we loose a loved one--to end-of-life, divorce or they move out; when we lose a job; when we're forced to move to a new home or city; when we become injured physically; and under many other painful circumstances, we need to heal from the event, regain our footing and figure out how to move forward.  

We have programs to help you heal.  We offer Time Management Consulting, Self-Care Coaching and Movement Classes to help our clients move through the resulting upheaval of a life-changing event to a place of balance and peace.


Our Programs

To Be Your Best Self

We all have the same amount of time in our day.  So what we do with the time we have is what we must manage--our energy, our work, our schedule, etc. In our "Manage Your Life" sessions, you will learn to balance discipline with flexibility.  Dr. Jacquetta will help you create a schedule and structure that fits your lifestyle and personality, making your plan easy to follow.  In our "Dream-to-Life" sessions, you will design a plan to make your dream your life.

 Explore "The 5 Pillars of Self-Care":

  • nutritious food

  • clean water

  • fresh air

  • exhilarating exercise

  • rejuvenating rest.

It's hard for busy people to squeeze all 5 of the Pillars in, but Dr. Jacquetta can help you ​balance your busy life with the self-care that's so vital to a healthy existence.

At Dr. J's Movement Center, you can practice the 5 Pillars of Self-Care.

Nutritious Food - We have cooking and nutrition classes.

Clean Water - We offer well water to keep you healthily hydrated.

Fresh Air - Breathe clean, country air as you eat, drink, exercise and rest. 

Exhilarating Exercise - Enjoy the movement that suits your desires.

Rejuvenating Rest - Learn to rest fully, meditate, create vision and more, 


Time Management

Healthy Salad


Dr. J's Movement Center

Due to COVID 19, our coaching, lectures and workshops are being held online until further notice.  Our one-on-one healing classes, lectures and workshops are being held less frequently than usual and according to the CDC guidelines. 

Our Services

Our coaching provides you with access to one-on-one support and an accountability partner.  Our workshops provide detailed guidance and steps to help you make changes in your life that will help you become healthier and more efficient.  You walk away from both coaching and workshops with a blueprint you've created to take yourself to a higher level of efficiency and health.

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Receive Dr. Jacquetta's undivided attention, and when you work with her weekly or bi-weekly, she will help you reach your self-defined goals.  You set your intentions, and she'll help you define goals that fit your personality, your lifestyle and what you may perceive as your limitations, to help you reach those goals.  When you contact us, we'll send you an assessment so you start benefiting right away.

In the "Manage Your Life," "The 5 Pillars of Self-Care" and "Dream-to-Life" presentations, you'll get some tools to help you make changes.   Each of these presentations is designed to help you recognize how you currently live your life and how to move up to the next level and achieve your goals.



Our workshops provide detailed guidance and steps to help you make changes in your life that will help you become healthier and more efficient.  In our Workshops, we roll up our sleeves and do the work of making your goals into plans and developing your intentions into strategies.  You'll walk away with a process that will lead to your success!  Call and schedule a workshop today.


Our Work with Caregivers and Grievers

Maximizing the Time of Your Life

Caregivers have a great need for healing. 

They are the only group of workers who fit the following criteria:

  • we do not apply for the job

  • we do not get training for the job

  • we do not get paid for the job

  • we do not get vacations

  • we do not get medical/dental benefits

While there are programs to help with each of these areas, they are difficult to find.  And most caregivers are too busy to look for all the help they need.  Efficientime is here to help.  We partner with Black Family Caregivers to help locate resources in your area to fit your needs, and we provide coaching and other programs to benefit caregivers.

Peace Place


“Dr. Jacquetta has helped me with business and personal issues.  Her approach is systematic, focused and peaceful.  She's still helping me to achieve the goals I have set for myself.  Thank you, Dr. J, for lessons I can use for a lifetime.”

Linda A.


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