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Set your Goals and Keep your Goals in 2021

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* Set your goals.
*Encourage and support one another.
* Level up in 2021!

Each year millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions.  These resolutions are rarely kept.  You can be among the few who set a goal—or a few goals—and actually keep them until you reach them. 

By joining a MasterMind Group, you will have support, accountability and encouragement as you work toward your goal.  Not only that, but each person in the group contributes advice, insight and know-how to the others in the group.  You may make valuable connections to help in your endeavors. 

The power of a MasterMind Group is that when you move toward your goals, you are no longer moving on your own.  You are moving in the power of the Group Mind.  You’re no longer moving on your own because everyone in the group is propelling you forward to your goal through the exponential power of Mind. 

Our first meeting on January 30 was full of information about how the MasterMind group works.  You can watch it here.


If you like what you learn in this video, pay just $19.98 per month to join us for the whole year!  You’ll be glad you did!  We’ll all get to our goals faster, with less stress and more assurance.

We look forward to keeping our goals with you and being more successful than we have ever been when we set a plan for the new year!  Hurry and join us.  Space is limited!


Join us the fourth Saturday of each month to keep your goals!

Download your worksheets, and plan to reach your goal or goals for 2021.

In our first meeting, we learned how to set a clear goal that is more likely to be reached. Let's learn, not only the mechanical aspects of goal-setting.  Goals must be:
     • clear
     • measurable
     • on a timetable
But also learn the emotional aspects behind goal-setting like:
     • why we are indecisive;

     • why we procrastinate and self-sabotage; and
     • how to create and hold your vision.

Then we'll cover the dynamics and guidelines of our Goal-Keeping MasterMind Group.  If you've never been part of a MasterMind Group, you're in for quite a journey! 

Download the worksheets.  They'll help you prepare.

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